How To Soothe Legs and Bikini Line After Waxing and Brazilian Wax

How To: Take Care of Your Skin After a Wax

I know that most of you are divided about which method of hair removal you prefer. While shaving is undoubtedly the cheapest and most convenient way it can become annoying having to do it every other day —plus there's the problem of ingrown hairs (check out my top tips to prevent those). Personally I'm a devotee of waxing as it's just more relaxing having someone else take care of the problem.

I recently had the best wax of my life by expert therapist Dee Wilson who runs her own mini salon at Favela Shop (020 3222 0042) in Shoreditch. Dee specialises in brazilians and while I'm not brave enough to go all the way, I got the most thorough bikini wax I'd ever experienced. Plus my legs are still hairless two weeks later.

I spoke to Dee about her top tips for taking care of your skin post-wax and how to ensure that you stay super smooth for as long as possible. For her expert advice simply read more.

  • Exfoliate your body at least once a week. Dee suggests that you "exfoliate the area you're having waxed a few hours prior to the treatment and afterwards don't exfoliate for at least four days."
  • Don't use shower gel or body lotion on your waxed skin for around 24 hours. "Try and keep the bath or shower water luke warm instead of hot, as this can irritate the skin." says Dee.
  • "If you've had a bikini wax — especially if it's a brazilian, then cold ice or a cold compress can help the redness disappear." suggests Dee.
  • "Tea tree or lavender oil will soothe the skin." Dee recommends.
  • To avoid any redness or those irritation bumps that sometimes occur on the legs after a wax then try and expose your skin to the cold air. "Avoid the sun" says Dee "but having bare legs instead of being wrapped up in tights or jeans will help the skin to recover."
  • After 48 hours apply a cream that will minimise hair re-growth. I swear by Bliss Get Out of Hair! (£27) moisture milk.